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Vehiki is your partner in vehicle services.

Retain current clientele.

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Attract new clients.

Do more business.

Accelerate your business with Vehiki

All-in-one business management platform for self-employed vehicle service technicians

You deserve world-class software, too!

Why should your business join Vehiki?

Keep a full schedule

Being a full-time entrepreneur requires you to stay booked and busy. With Vehiki, your clients will have access to your calendar 24/7. No more annoying texts, minimize phone calls, and ditch the mental notes. We'll handle it all on our world-class software!

Digital Exposure = $$$

Regular customers are cool, but new clients equate to brand exposure. It's time to step away from conventional marketing practices. Joining the Vehiki platform guarantees your business receives more organic local exposure.

Touch-Free Payment

Times have changed and so have methods of payment. Start receiving your customer's payment directly through your business profile. Vehiki makes streamlining your business finances easier than ever.

Most Technicians on Vehiki are Self-Employed!

Still have a few questions?

As a Professional Vehiki Technician, joining Vehiki is 100% free! No hidden fee. Upon registration, your profile must be approved by our administrators before you can begin accepting clientele.

Vehiki is a platform for independent businesses or shops that already have their own equipment. Even if you’re just getting started, you can become a Vehiki partner. Vehiki will not provide any equipment or tools to complete the job.

No, this is not a franchise opportunity. As a SaaS company, Vehiki provides you with the all-in-one business management and scheduling software you need. There are absolutely no franchising fees.

A mobile device (Apple or Android), work equipment, and reliable transportation. If you’re already in business, just keep doing what you’re doing. Once you join Vehiki, managing your business comes easy.

That feature is coming soon! Whether you have a fixed price (i.e. battery change or car washing), or you only accept deposits (due to variable pricing), you will soon be able to accept payments using the Vehiki platform.

You do! Your business, your prices. If you require a $50 deposit before accepting a job, we’ll help you manage that. If you have a fixed price for each job, you can do that too! The possibilities are endless.

Your state, or local authority, may require you to obtain business licensing from your state or local bureau.  It is your responsibility as an independent business owner to obtain the knowledge and proper documentation to proceed as a lawful business in your area of service before joining the Vehiki platform.

Obtaining an Automotive Service Excellent (ACE) certification may also be required to complete vehicle service for-hire in your service area. Although there are states, or other areas of jurisdiction, that may not require compensated automotive technicians to obtain licensing/certification, Vehiki maintains strict standards for all listed technicians on Vehiki. See additional details below:

No license required (unless required in your jurisdiction):
– Car Washing and Vehicle Detailing
– Window Tinting
– Auto Glass Repair
– Battery Assistance
– Tire Change & Repair

License Required (whether your jurisdiction requires it or not):
– Brakes and Discs
– Oil and Fluid Changes
– Anything under the hood


Although we know there are many individuals that are gifted and have an extensive knowledge of vehicle maintenance, we require ASE certification to protect the technicians on the Vehiki platform and the technicians client. Successful completion of the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) exam is the only way we can certify that you possess the knowledge and skill to complete the required task.

Bonus: All ASE certified Vehiki Partners will have the ASE Certified badge added to their account. This badge will let your customers know that you are a professional technician and have passed the required exam(s) to perform the job correctly.

Although we don’t check for business insurance, it is highly recommended that you acquire insurance to protect your personal and/or business assets. 

You can have as many clients as your calendar will allow. Vehiki does not place any limits on the amount of clientele you have.

If you are Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified, you can add your business to as many categories as you’d like. If you’re not ASE certified, Vehiki will only allow you to choose categories that does not require an ASE certification:

Non-ASE Certified Categories:

– Car Washing and vehicle detailing
– Window Tinting
– Auto Glass Repair
– Battery Assistance
– Tire Change & Repair

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