Automotive Professional
Pilot Program (AP3)

Beta program gearED TO EAGER automotive service professionals.

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Vehiki is kicking off the Automotive Professional Pilot Program (AP3), and we want enthusiastic technicians to team up with us. Your mission? Test out our Vehiki mobile and desktop apps, share ideas for making them even better, and check out what's happening in your local automotive service markets. If you're ready to start your journey as a pro automotive service technician, or thinking of upgrading your current gig as a self-employed technician, this could be a game-changer for you!

Are you an ASE Certified Technician?

We are seeking ASE Certified Technicians to join AP3. If you are a certified automotive service  technician with a valid ASE certificate, you are qualified to join AP3.

Are you an Auto Aesthetics Professional?

If you are a professional technician that specialize in automotive aesthetics such as vehicle washing/detailing and window tinting, you are qualified to join AP3.

Do you have any questions?

Book a call with our team. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Vehiki is a booking application that connects drivers with local automotive service professionals like you. Vehiki has three goals: 1) reduce automotive service inconvenience, 2) improve automotive service transparency between the service provider and the consumer, 3) create a platform that allow self-employed automotive technicians to create and maintain successful businesses.

AP3 stands for Automotive Professional Pilot Program. The team at Vehiki is dedicated to create the worlds most successful automotive service platform. And to do so, we’re asking automotive service professionals passionate about what they do (and entrepreneurship) to work closely with our team as we continually develop a platform that helps you automate customer management and run a successful business.

There’s absolutely no costs to you.

Although we know there are many individuals that are gifted and have an extensive knowledge of vehicle maintenance, we require ASE certification to protect the technicians on the Vehiki platform and the technician’s client. Successful completion of the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) exam is the only way we can certify that you possess the knowledge and skill to complete the required task.

Bonus: All ASE certified Vehiki Partners will have the ASE Certified badge added to their account. This badge will let your customers know that you are a professional technician and have passed the required exam(s) to perform the job correctly.

Right now, we’re seeking a total of 100 automotive service technicians to join the AP3 initiative. Preferably, 50 ASE certified and 50 automotive aesthetic technicians.

AP3 members will have exclusive access to our AP3 Group Forum where they are expected to provide feedback, screenshots, suggestions, and frustrations/concerns. AP3 members must reside in either the US or Canada to be eligible. This is a 100% remote group, but must report to the AP3 Group Forum at least once per month.

You’ll be a great fit for the platform! Anyone willing to provide helpful tips or suggestions that will help make the app better are highly encouraged to apply.

This program starts February 1st 2024. And, all active members will maintain lifetime access to early updates, adopt new app features, and access to additional AP3 perks.

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